Humber (Paris) safety bicycle c 1892

Typical Humber from the years 1892-1894. It has pneumatic tires and must have been a comfortable bicycle to ride. 
Characteristic for Humber is for instance the way the bracket bearings are secured, and the wonderful spring on the brake lever. 

This one is in the collection of the wonderful German bicycle museum in Bad Bruckenau and it is very, very original.

As you can see from the head badge, it's a French Humber. It mentions Paris. But it's still not clear to me if this was made in England and sold from the Paris premises, or if there was a French factory. 
This one looks very much like illustrations in the British Humber (Beeston) catalogue from 1894. (it's on Robert Sterba's site). So I think just the headbadge is French. 

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